Wed 16 Sep 2020 11:36

How to set up your GMS record under Tabard RFC

If you experience problems with this process please contact John Strickland ( ) who will be able to help you.

This guide is intended for use by the Parent of children who have previously been entered onto the GMS database system but where the parent does not themself have a GMS record.  This record does not require the entry of any financial information!

The instructions below explain how the parent can set up their own record on GMS prior to it being linked to the child’s record. Once the parent record is complete please email with your own name and those of your children.  John will then link these records as required for re-registration processes.

  1. Click  HERE to access the set up screens.  This will open in a new Tab so you can still refer back to these instructions.
  1. Click on “Create Account”
  2. Complete all fields as requested and then click on Next

Please note:  If the system reports that the email address entered is already in use please contact John Stricklaand as this indicates that you already have a record on the GMS system and we need to take alternative action

  1. Complete the password entries (follow rules for password format), then enter privacy details as you wish, tick to accept login T&Cs and GMS T&Cs and then click on Next to complete this process.

This will set up your account on GMS  and send you an email to verify that the correct email address has been used.

Please note that this email shows the GMS username you have been allocated use this in combination with the password you entered earlier for future logins to GMS.

  1. Please verify this as requested by clicking on the verify email link. 
  2. On the next screen click on Continue to go to your GMS account 
  3. Click on Manage  to set up/amend your communication preferences.   You can change these preferences at any time in the future by logging in to your GMS account.
  4. You can opt out of comms as you choose but please do initially consent to receive communications from Tabard RFC via email. You have now completed your record set up.
  5. To sign out of the GMS system or to see further options click on the silhouette in top right
  6. Once you have completed this set up please email with your own name and those of your children. John will then link these records as required for re-registration processes. 

Please DO NOT attempt to add your children as this will create duplicate records.

The full guide for this process including screen images is available by clicking   HERE