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Affiliation is the RFU process whereby a child is effectively registered to play rugby at a club.  The process uses the RFU's Games Management System (GMS) and a pre-cursor to this process is the creation of records on the GMS system for both the parent and the child.  During the affiliation process the parent confirms any medical conditions the child has which could be relevant to playing sports and provides emergency contact details for the child.

If you have already created your GMS records please continue at section 1 below.  If you need to set up your GMS records detailed guidance for this is available HERE .

1. Affiliation is an annual process due to GDPR regulations which require personal information is confirmed on an annual basis.  In early July each year all children will be de-affiliated from Tabard RFC and the parent will then be asked to re-affiliate children in order that they can play in the new season which starts 1 September each year.

How to affiliate or re-affiliate your child

Please note the following instructions show screenshots based on a PC/laptop screen.  You can use a mobile device for the process but the screens will be different due to the screen size restrictions.

To affiliate or re-affiliate a child you must log in to your account on GMS where you will be presented with your “Dashboard” screen as below (NB if the green What Next? panel is not showing please click on the icon at top right)

Within the What Next? panel you will see various options allowing you to buy memberships and affiliate various members of your family. 

To affiliate your child please click on Affiliate or Renew Player affiliation alongside his/her name (As for Anotha Strickland or Master Another Strickland – circled in the above screenshot).

This will then take you to the Affiliation screen where you can review/amend any the information.  Once complete just click on Save.

Any problems with any of the above please contact the Membership Secretary, at , who will be happy to assist.



1. Children can be affiliated to more than one club

2. The RFU has provided two excellent guides for this process which give detailed screen by screen instructions together with links to instructional videos showing how the process can be achieved on a mobile device.

The first guide covers the initial process of affiliating a child to a club and can be found HERE

The second guide covers the process of re-affiliating a child to the club that they were with last season (Sometimes called Renewing affiliation) after the July de-affiliation process.  This guide can be found HERE