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Rules and how to Join

1.  The Tabard 200 Club is open to anyone aged eighteen or more.

2.  Members subscribe to the Club by setting up a £5 monthly bank transfer to the Club bank account (TABARD R.F.C. Santander Bank – Sort code: 09 01 54 Account: 12638606)

This can be done by either completing the Standing Order form (   HERE  ) and returning this as directed or by setting up a recurring monthly £5 transfer via your online banking system(Please give this a payment reference of (“TAB200 your name”). 

If you choose to set this up via your online banking please let Martin Brown ( ) know once this is active so you can be included in the quarterly draw.

Membership of the 200 Club will then continue until this Standing Order is cancelled (By the member).

3.  A “Single Year” subscription can be made by payment of £60 by either Cheque or Cash. Membership will then be in force for one calendar year from receipt of this payment.

4.  Prize money in each year will total at least 50% of all subscriptions received. Any profits from the 200 Club will be returned to Tabard RFC.

There will be four “draws” each calendar year. Where winners are not present at the draw they will be notified by telephone or email.

At each “draw” four numbers will be drawn with the total prize money being 50% of the subscription for that quarter and allocated in the following fixed proportions (Sterling figures shown are example prizes when Club achieves the target of 200 members).

               First prize:               Half total prize                            (£750)

               Second prize:        Quarter total prize                      (£375)

               Third prize:             One Sixth total prize                  (£250)

               Fourth prize:          One Twelfth total prize              (£125)

Prizes can be claimed up to twelve months after the draw date. Monies unclaimed after twelve months will be returned to Tabard RFC.