Fri 19 May 2023 15:53

Maintenance Item




Burglar Alarm

 See Clubhouse

 01582 xxxxxx – Nilesh Tailor

Routine Maintenance twice a year

Catering Equipment


07836 753299 - Les

Oven, glass washer etc

See below for equipment

Gas for Bar


0845 730 2302 a/c no. 2151355

CO2 and 30 mix (For Guinness and Bombardier/Courage)

Fire Extinguishers


07925 742771- Steve

Annual Maintenance required

Cess Pit


Contact Phil Calnan/Ben Calnan


Till Roll



UV type

Hoover Bags

 Lawson-His or Complex Cleaners. or 

Complex Cleaning Supplies, 

Ventura Park, Colney Street

Type NVM 4B/4BH

Cellar Cooling


 01727 852488


Medical Supplies

Patterson Medical

0844 873 0035

 Customer Number: 102904771

Floodlights LED


 0207 584 8310

 Modus S 1100W MS or WS floodlights

Batteries for Smoke Detectors Control Box

e.g. Coombe Electrical, Shenley

Y Ucel    Y3.2-12   12V,3.2Ah C20

Valve Regulated, Lead Acid Type rechargeable battery.

Front Door Lock

Fullex XL

 Alban Locksmiths

01727 839353

To repair front door locking mechanism

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)


Batteries and Pads changed every 3 years.   Last 11/2021.

Check Web.   Full details in handbook.


Batteries – 12 V DC, 2.8 Ah, LiMnO2, Disposable.

Adult Defibrillation Pads, (CUA1007S) 120 cm2

Dishwasher in kitchen

Sammic SL-360B

Colin Hill, 01462 659100


Glasswasher in Bar

Silanos DC024

Ser No: 5406

Ice Machine in Bar

Whirlpool K40

Colin Hill, 01462 659100