11 - Senior Men Playing Member - monthly payments

Start Date:

Thu 01 Jun 2023

Membership Type:




Renewal Date:

Sun 01 Jun 2223

This membership is designed for Senior Men only. Providing both playing membership and access to the club "Gym" Members receive the full benefits of the Tabard community discount scheme. Subscriptions are collected by monthly direct debit which continues until cancelled by the member. Please note: If purchased within 10 days of the month end then member will be charged for 2 months i.e. the month in which they have created the order and the following month. For example: purchase on 26/06/2020 they are purchasing for the rest of June and July, next order with be for August. The reason for this is that the system takes around 6 days to set up and approve the Direct Debit mandate and the actual DD takes a few more days. Subsequent months do revert to just a single monthly payment.