Mon 26 Sep 2022 17:16

How to buy a Tabard membership for your child

Please note the following instructions show screenshots based on a PC/laptop screen.  You can use a mobile device for the process but the screens will be different due to the screen size restrictions.

To buy a membership you must log in to your account on GMS where you will be presented with your “Dashboard” screen as below (NB if the green What Next? panel is not showing please click on the icon at top right).

Within the What Next? panel you will see various options allowing you to buy memberships and affiliate various members of your family.  To buy a membership for your child please click on the appropriate option (As for Master Another Strickland – circled in the above screenshot).

This will then take you to a screen listing the membership types available for you to purchase for your child.

Just select “Youth Playing member" and click on “add to basket”.  Please Note:  When you add the membership to the basket the screen will refresh and will no longer show the Youth Playing Membership as available (See screenshot below which shows the screen if you're using a phone for this purpose).  If you're buying for just one child you can now go to “Checkout” to make the payment. If you’re buying for more than one child you must buy their memberships in one “checkout” to obtain the correct discount.

Any problems with any of the above please contact the membership Secretary, at , who will be happy to assist.