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Maintenance Item





Burglar Alarm

 See Clubhouse

 01582 xxxxxx - Trudy


Routine Maintenance twice a year

Catering Equipment


07836 753299 - Les


Oven, glass washer etc

Gas for Bar


0845 730 2302 a/c no. 2151355


CO2 and 30 mix (For Guinness and Bombardier/Courage)

Fire Extinguishers


07925 742771- Steve


Annual Maintenance required

Cess Pit


Contact Phil Calnan/Ben Calnan



Till Roll




UV type

Hoover Bags

 Lawson-His or Complex Cleaners. or 

Complex Cleaning Supplies, 

Ventura Park, Colney Street


Type NVM 4B/4BH

Cellar Cooling


 01727 852488



Medical Supplies

Patterson Medical

0844 873 0035


 Customer Number: 102904771

Floodlight Bulb (Old)




HRI-TS 2000W/D/S/400/K12S  

Floodlight (New)




Philips Master MHN-FC 2000W/740 400V XW

Replacement Ignitor

International Lamps Ltd, Stadium Way, Harlow, CM15 5FG



PT150K445 1500-2000W MH SIP IGNITOR

Alternative Replacement  Ignitor 

Order via:   Coombe Electrical, Shenley

MST 380 MZN 2000 S 380-415 V 50/60 Hz

Weatherproof Box for Ignitor

e.g. Coombe Electrical Shenley 

Size approx:   155x115x77 mm


Water Boiler Filter

Fridge Filter Shop


Advantage Catering Equipment


Lincat FC02

Batteries for Smoke Detectors Control Box

e.g. Coombe Electrical, Shenley


Y Ucel    Y3.2-12   12V,3.2Ah C20

Valve Regulated, Lead Acid Type rechargeable battery.